Thursday, April 05, 2007

[TIPS] The results are in - we can go home, now

"Test scores were not significantly higher in classrooms using the reading and mathematics software products than those in control classrooms. In each of the four groups of products-reading in first grade and in fourth grade, mathematics in sixth grade, and high school algebra-the evaluation found no significant differences in student achievement between the classrooms that used the technology products and classrooms that did not. "

Actually, it's not as bad (for us) as it sounds. I'd not want to be a salesperson for one of those companies right now, however.

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Chris Champion said...


I'm guessing that this has similar samples as "No significant impact" studies in the past - teachers were not told how to effectively use the software, instead, they were given the software and told to have their students use it.

As far as I'm concerned.... we really CAN'T go home now. :-)