Wednesday, April 25, 2007

[TIPS] The Race heats up

Some time ago I worried aloud about the fact that the world looked at education with hungrier eyes than did we in America. At that time I referred to the upcoming rollout of the $100 laptop that would instantly add millions more children to the Race. Well, check out this post from Karl Fisch in which he tells about this roll out and points to a movie to download and watch.

The $100 laptop, with free (open source) software and free courses online. WOW!

It has been said that this shouldn't be looked at as a "race" to worry about, but rather a long-overdue expansion of education to the poor countries that should be celebrated. OK. History will probably record this as the start of something much bigger that brought those people into the global economy and made them competitive with kids from around the world. All I'm saying is that if we don't somehow make our kids aware that this is going on, and instill into them the hunger for education that the rest of the world has, we're not going to like the results. We'll become the, "England, in 1900." Someday that slide will say, "United States, in 2007."

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