Thursday, April 05, 2007

[TIPS] Jalah - voip

This is nothing new to many of you, but it is to some, so here goes.

SKYPE is very cool, right? The ONLY trouble with it is that you need a headset - or a skype phone to use it. Without those and just relying on the built-ins causes way to much echoing. Still, skype is VERY cool.

Jalah (pronounced Jah, I believe) lets you enter your phone number (land or cell) and your friend's number (land or cell) and click the Connect button to have your phones ring to connect you to talk. It's free between Jalah users, and as low as $.028/minute between non-jalah members. SOMEONE has to have internet connection to initiate the call, but then it' just VOIP of your phone lines.

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