Friday, April 06, 2007

[TIPS] freeplaymusic

See? I've been telling you that blogs are my professional development. I learn SO MUCH from the blogs I read. And to think, in some schools these sites are BANNED! ::sigh::

Here's another example. This blog post is from the blog author, Chris, who talks about This site: I think it's important that you read his article because he talks about his efforts to clear up the copyright issues and educational uses for this music.

Once you've read Chris' article, go check out the site. GREAT STUFF!!!

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Kristin Hokanson said...

I have real concerns with freeplay because I think that the Licensing, Rate Card, Terms of Use and link to learn how you can use Freeplay Music should be stated on the front page. As teachers, if we are going to use freeplay in any way with kids we need to make it CLEAR and I don't think a teacher or students should have to visit Chris's research before using a resource.
If you want to pitch a music about The Free Music Project Their site state that This will be your music -- you are the curators and creators. We want everything: all genres, all time periods, all cultures—as long as it is available under a license for sharing and collaboration. You can search by tag and each song tells the exact license of how it can be used. Kids can publish their work there as well...The first project with which they were involved with is the $100 laptop project. Talk about GOOD STUFF