Monday, March 12, 2007

[TIPS] Welcome to a worldwide learning network - OER Commons

Wow... this one is HOT! Several people sent this me after reading about it on various blogs. Called, "A WorldWide Learning Network", this site contains over 8000 resources that fall into the Open Educational Resources (OER) category. Read what the site says about itself:

"OER Commons is the first comprehensive open learning network where teachers and professors (from pre-K to graduate school) can access their colleagues' course materials, share their own, and collaborate on affecting today's classrooms. It uses Web 2.0 features (tags, ratings, comments, reviews, and social networking) to create an online experience that engages educators in sharing their best teaching and learning practices.

The emergence of OER signals the growing trend toward openness for teaching and learning materials."

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Do you follow that? Open access to educational materials. Remember MIT's open courseware project? This is great news in itself, in terms of providing for an educated world. But, when you combine this with the $100 laptops and the great strides that other countries are making in bringing high speed connectivity to the people... The Race has now picked up its pace. What is YOUR school doing to make sure your students are prepared for this race?

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Joe Thibault said...

Hey Jim, MIT expanded their OCW program to include tailor-made content for high school (even AP) courses that are STEM (science, tech, engineering and math) related.

I just posted it to the GC Blog.