Tuesday, March 06, 2007

[TIPS] Welcome to Webkinz

You buy these little stuffed animals - they're very inexpensive, I'm told. Each one comes with its own secret code that is used to create its own virtual environment where you register its name and state it's a boy pet or girl pet. There you feed it, exercise it, and.... SO much more. You "buy" things for it (no real money used) and if you get another webkinz pet they can play together. (Just watch out that one doesn't eat all the food!)
I don't know. I'm torn. On the one hand I thinking, "Wow! How cool! Those little 4-10 yr old kids ( or older) are using that toy to get even more savvy on the Internet." But, on the other hand I think, "Go outside and PLAY!!!"

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Anonymous said...

It's up to us parents to balance the "outside time" with "computer time". My kids have a blast interacting with their webkinz. We have to be realistic, we live in an age where they are going to need to understand computers. I'm just glad it is so educational. I encourage my 9 & 6 year old to play webkinz rather than Xbox or Playstation. However, I guess I've been lucky because my kids have yet to turn down one of their friends knocking on the door to go outside.