Wednesday, March 07, 2007

[TIPS] what's happening here

Anne Davis pointed us to this post: by Lani from Ohio in her "possibilities abound" blog. Read that post. Read the comments from the students. Read what she says about Eddie. Read this:
Now let someone ask you what you're going to do with your computers and what good is this blogging thing and why aren't those blogs blocked in this district? I hope that you now know some of the reasons.
This is my professional development. There are GREAT ideas to be found in these blogs. Remember, this is my blogroll:
Who's on YOUR blogroll?

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Bill Dolton said...

Jim, thanks for this lead. I've now added Anne Davis to my Google Reader and posted a link to Lani's blog on my own blog. In addition to the wonderful examples of student blogging, I was very interested in Mr. K's students comments about their interactive white board. We are greatly expanding the use of interactive whiteboards in our district as part of our Classrooms for the Future grant, and I'm hoping some of our teachers will be inspired by Mr. K's students.