Thursday, March 01, 2007

[TIPS] splashcastmedia redux

I KNOW I sent this one out, but I think the title isn't the same as the tip - or SOMETHING, because I can't find it easily when I'm looking for it. Hence the redux. :-)
This VERY cool website lets you create flashcasts that include text, pictures, movies, audio (either an audio file or record your own right through the site), and more. Then it gives you the code that lets you put that flashcast right in your own website. It truly is easy to do. I've done demos that take less than 3 minutes.
You get three channels and each channel can contain a number of different flashcasts. You could have a channel for Health, another for Science, and another for your own personal family shows that you create.
Want to see one in action (if you didn't see the Opera video from a previous tip)? Check out and click the splashcastmedia link on the left. THen the tiddler opens, click the Arrow in the center to begin playback and then sit back and listen and watch.
Imagine having a series of these that the students have created!

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