Friday, March 23, 2007

[TIPS] A solution to YouTube?

Thanks to Kurt for his post (via Cliotech - regarding what just may be the solution to our You Tube frustrations. TeacherTube! Doesn't the very THOUGHT of this bring a tear of joy to your eye?

Hurry - check it out.

(I really don't like sending these tips via our groupwise webaccess - I can't make links!)

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Jodie said...

Thanks for suggesting TeacherTube in your tips! We appreciate you becoming part of the TeacherTube community. The site's quality is community driven so let us know what could make it better for teachers and learners. My husband, his brother, and I created and maintain the site. My husband and I are veteran educators who thought this service was needed. We want it to be focused on teaching and learning and be school friendly. I hope you find it useful and give us input to help it grow.