Wednesday, March 28, 2007

[TIPS] fonts fonts fonts

This one comes from Kim Komando's list.
Fonts are tons of fun. Holiday fonts are a must-have for every elementary school teacher. Even high school teachers can use fonts to help set the tone for a lesson. The problem with fonts is two fold. First, you can't install them on your school computer. Second, if you install them on your home computer then you have to know how to save them in your document if you wish to print the document at school or send the file to someone else. If they don't have that same font then it gets replaced by Arial, and it looks AWFUL!
So let's assume for the moment that you've installed a font on your home computer and you've created a document that you will email to yourself at school, or you'll take it to school on your jump drive. Here's how you save the font IN your document so that you can see it at school.
On a windows machine, in Word, choose Tools>Options. Click the Save tab. In the top section of the save options is a checkbox to "Embed Truetype Fonts." Check that box. Two more become visible. The first suggests that you just embed the letters that you've used. That's fine if you 100% sure you won't be changing anything. But, the fonts don't add that much to the weight of the file, I'd leave that alone and have the entire font embedded in the file. Sadly, this option isn't available on the Mac version, and if that person sends you (Mac user) his file with the embedded fonts, you still can't see them.
Then, the second checkbox suggests that you NOT embed regular system fonts. Leave that checked. No sense weighing the file down with the Times New Roman Font if everyone has it anyway.
Now you can send the file to anyone (windows users only) and they'll be able to see your cool font - and print your document, as well.
Now, how can you use those fonts at school? Create a file that contains maybe just one word written in that font. Save it as a template. Send it to yourself at school. When you want to use that font just open that template file. You can always switch fonts at any time to a system font, but at least the cool font is there for your use.
There's more than one way to skin the cat, eh? ;-)

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Anonymous said...

thank u so much because there have been several occasions in which I have had to present powerpoints or print something at school and they were ruined because my school didn't have the font. Thanks so much!!!