Thursday, March 01, 2007

[TIPS] The Fischbowl: 1001 Flat World Tales Project

That Arapahoe High School.. they're doing such cool things. Take this project, for example. "Thousand and One Flat World Tales." It's an online storybook for students of all grades from around the world. Check out the wiki here: with the teacher's wiki here:
Rather than me trying to tell you about this idea, read Karl Fisch's story (top link) to see how it all developed. Then when you get to the wikis check out the discussion tab on the home page and on some of the others. Ask yourself, "How can a tool like this, with its ability to allow students to easily enter text and images and links to a page as well as carry on discussions about that page, help my students learn my content better?" Are you teaching a novel, for example? Use a wiki to flesh out the characters and the plot and the importance of the location and times and use the discussions as an area to discuss the ideas. Studying the Civil War or Revolutionary War? Use the wiki to define the major players and battles and dates, etc. Remember this about a wiki - once you make a word a link in a wiki, any time the word appears anywhere else in that wiki it is automatically linked to that page. Now... consider inviting the world to join you. Too much to handle? How about inviting another class in our area to join you?
Check this article, for example: As you scroll down the page there are lots of other hyperlinked words (one of the VERY good things about wikipedia). Now click the Discussions tab at the top. Look at the discussions going on "behind the scenes." Transfer that to the education arena and you can see that the discussions are a GREAT way to help engage the students in the topics at hand.
Doing good things with your class and a wiki? Let me know about it. I'd love to point the world to your examples.


Clay Burell said...

Actually, I originated the 1001 Flat World Tales project at Korea International School in Seoul, Korea, and Karl Fisch and Jeff Whipple were kind enough to hook me up with teachers.

See the full history of the project at my blog, Beyond School
Click the "1001FlatWorldTales" tag in the sidebar.

Thanks for the words. The project is coming along nicely.


Jim Gates said...

Clay - I'd LOVE to hear from you more about this! I'll be checking in on your blog right away.