Wednesday, March 21, 2007

[TIPS] the clustrmaps PROVE it!

I hesitated for the longest time to put one of these on my blog, but I finally gave in. My curious ego won out over my fragile ego.
Clustrmaps are tiny maps that your put on your website. They give you the code - free - and you put the code on your website. When people visit the site it registers the location of the IP address of that person. I figured I'd keep it there for a couple days and if the only hits I got were from the local area (Thanks to my family and friends!) I'd take it down, ever humbled by the experience.
But, I just looked at it, and it's saying that I've gotten hits from Alaska, Africa, Australia, China... oh WOW!!! What a RUSH!!!
Now, I'm not so naive as to think that these are all real people. The hits could be from hackers and bots trying to comment spam. Fine! Spoil an old man's fun, why don't you? *I* choose to think that they are real people, and that they will leave a comment to prove it! (An obviously transparent ploy?) So, don't rain on my parade, bucko. I'm going to bed tonight thinking that this little blog has world wide attention! YES!!!
Oh... you say you only get these tips via the listserv and you didn't even know I HAD a blog? ::sigh:: Well, here it is: Check out my clustrmap in the top left corner. Wooohooooo!!!

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Candace Hackett Shively said...

Yeah, and I get that spam on my blog, too! But I just asked a teacher from Australia to be on an educator advisory board for TeachersFirst, and he accepted. And we have members from over 40 countries-- now that we have membership--This really is a worldwide commmunity. Woo-hoo!