Thursday, March 15, 2007

This was a pleasant surprise

Today was out high school computer fair. I had 52 high school age kids in a large room while judges reviewed their projects. I decided to use our CPS system to have them play a little trivia for "valuable prizes" - cans of almonds. They really seemed to get into it, in spite of the fact that they knew very few of the answers.

One question was, "To eliminate household odors, put saucers of ___ around the house." Something like that. The answer was vinegar. I then paused to interject a story of how I removed the smoke odors from my car when I quit smoking. I began with, "About 13 years ago I quit smoking and when..." But before I could finish, this group of 52 kids broke into applause! Can you imagine that? First that they would even care about my story, but then that they have such strong feelings about smoking. How 'bout that?

I applauded them in return for feeling that way about that ugly addiction, and I once again realized how much I miss working with them.

How 'bout that?

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