Monday, March 05, 2007

Foxmarks Bookmarks Synchronizer

I LOVE the Firefox browser. LOVE it! The extensions that you can add to the browser are excellent. For example, I'm writing this post via an extension called, "Performancing." I click the icon, an editor window appers, I type my blog entry and click Publish to: and off it goes.

But This one: just may be my favorite. Install it on all the computers you use and it syncs your bookmarks so that no matter which machine you're on you'll have all your bookmarks. Too cool!!

And thanks to TJ for telling e about Morning Coffee, an extension that lets you define (or save) sites that will each open in a new tab with one click of the icon. What sites do YOU read each morning? With one click they all come up.

This is just too much fun! (Said the geek)

powered by performancing firefox

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Anthony said...

i have been looking for something easy like this