Sunday, February 25, 2007

What if a student said he was bored?

Again, this is why I read blogs. I learn so much from them, and I LOVE being involved - even if only as a lurker - in the conversation about education.

In this post by Vicki Davis,, she tells of reading another person's blog and hearing about the story of a 6th grade student at St. Sebastian Elementary School who was censured by his school Principal for writing a speech in which he said,

"”My message is to you,” he (the student) writes in his speech, “let nobody steal your joy by keeping you bored. Find a way out. To be happy is your purpose in life.”

She points out that this student wrote the speech as an assignment - which he did. He, in fact, WON last year's speech contest, but this year the principal felt his speech showed disrespect for his teacher and so she disallowed it.

Are you reading my blog? I invite you to post a comment on this situation. First, read Cool Cat's blog post, as she also points to the PA Teacher's Association's blogging guidelines.

So how do YOU feel about this situation? I keep saying that we're risking becoming irrelevant to our students. Do you think this youngster just gained or lost respect for his school? Did this draw him in closer or push him further away?

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Michael said...

Thanks for your nice post!

Jim Gates said...

Michael.. Are YOU the boy who wrote the speech?