Monday, February 05, 2007

[TIPS] - Wow! Check out Zoho's notebook
Want to see some exciting developments in the area of online productivity (aka "office") software? Check this out. Zoho is doing some amazing things. Make sure you watch the video. VERY cool stuff.
This isn't new, but it is a different way of thinking about it. "The half life for technology today is just two years." We saw that before in Karl Fisch's "Did you Know ( )" slideshow, right? But it warrants the repeat. That makes technology a touch sell for some people, doesn't it? Why should they invest all this time to learn something that may be obsolete in two years anyway?
"What's the alternative?", I wo uld argue. Hang your upper limit of your tech skills on ..  Hyperstudio? (Don't be silly, you say. That's been out of date for years.) No? Powerpoint, then? (Well, at least that won't go away for a while, you say. "You're right. It's like a bad penny - you can't get rid of it.") Frontpage?... no... Dreamweaver!! YES!!! Do you mean to say that you're going to make your teachers learn Dreamweaver to make their webpages instead of showing them a wiki?
The point is, as you learn about new tools in technology, don't think it's the last one you'll need to know. In two years (or less) a new tool will come out that will be even better. And THOSE are the tools that your students are growing up with. You keep up because that's what makes you most effective and relevant. Right?

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