Monday, February 26, 2007

[TIPS] Several Tips

Those of you who receive these tips via the mailing list are at a disadvantage from those who get them via RSS. Why? Because I've been very busy posting lots of cool sites and tips using a Firefox add-on called "Performancing." It allows you to write up a description of the web page you're viewing and post it to you blog all in one step. But, I can't send it to this mailing list that way. As a result, lots of tips have made it to the blog site that haven't made it here.
So, today's tip is to visit my blog site and check out what you've been missing:
Here are some of them:
Some great links about student blogging, a post about a student who wrote his assigned speech on being bored in class and had it censured, a pointer to another EXCELLENT video at the TED site, a lawsuit against a law firm from where a WIkipedia article originated, another flickr mashup that's VERY cool, and more.

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