Wednesday, February 21, 2007

[TIPS] - photo mashups
I love mashups - especially those that mash with Flickr. This page mentions two, a Sudoku puzzle with numbers coming from flickr, and "Spell with Flickr", a mashup I've used a couple of times already. But the article also points to this list: of 200 photo mashups, some of which I've already mentioned in other tips, and othes (most) that are new.

What's cool about this stuff? Well, check THIS one out: Use the tag: cabin and user jgates513, if you don't know of others to try. Once you choose the type of presentation you can send someone the url, or even get the html code to use that project on your own site. What fun this Internet has become, eh? Wanna see it in action? Come to my blog page and click the link in the top left corner called My Flickr Pics. Cool stuff for your website.

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