Monday, February 19, 2007

[TIPS] The NSTA Learning Center

This is a free site for teachers. It's designed to help teachers, especially the elementary teachers, to become more learned in the area of science. Here is what it says about itself:

Welcome to The NSTA Learning Center Beta Release

You want to grow your understanding of the content and pedagogy of the subjects you teach. NSTA is proud to make available the Beta release of this electronic professional development (PD) website. Within this site you'll be able to gain access to over 1,200 different types of PD resources and opportunities, such as:

  • Over 980 NSTA Journal Articles (with over 270 articles FREE of charge), many containing high quality lesson plans
  • Over 30 FREE Science Objects (1-2 hour interactive simulation-based learning experiences)
  • Over 100 e-chapters from selected books and series (over 45 chapters FREE of charge)
  • FREE weekly live Web Seminars where you can interact with experts from NASA, NOAA, FDA and the NSDL Community.
DId you catch that last one? FREE weekly webinars (web seminars) that deal with a variety of topics.
" NSTA Web Seminars are 90-minute, live professional development experiences that use online learning technologies to allow participants to interact with nationally acclaimed experts, NSTA Press authors, and scientists, engineers, and education specialists from NSTA government partners such as NASA, NOAA, FDA, and the NSDL."
" Educators use online tools that allow them to mark-up and annotate presenter's slides or share desktop applications in addition to engaging in chat with others online and answering quizzes and poll questions. Seminars may be archived and available for viewing after the live event has occurred."
Here is a list of upcoming webinars:
This is free professional development!!
Thanks to Mary B for sharing this one.

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