Wednesday, February 07, 2007

[TIPS] How complex is your password

Kim Komando's Daily News newsletter pointed to this article that says that weak passwords help hackers. These hackers use dictionary scripts that run through words in the dictionary to hack into your computer.
Does YOUR password have at least one number in it? How about a special character like an exclamation point? If it doesn't, it's time to change it so that it DOES! Listen to this quote from the article:
     "Left online for 24 days to see how hackers would attack them, four Linux computers with weak passwords were hit by some 270,000 intrusion attempts -- about one attempt every 39 seconds,"
Hmmm... how long before it would correctly guess "buster" as your password and take it over? :-) Change your password. Git 'er done!
Oh... and uh... it's about that firewall I've been telling you about for six years, now. You DO have one of those installed, right?

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Chris Champion said...

Firewalls - Jim, here's a great Open Source firewall solution for a family of computers, or a small office:

I easily installed this on a $25 ebay computer ($50 with shipping) and connected it to my Cable Modem.... I get about 350 hacking attempts per week... all of which are denied :-)

Feel free to share.