Thursday, February 22, 2007

[TIPS] - Barefoot College
I watch Rocketboom daily. Many times it's just interesting. Other times it's fun and creative. Other times, like today, it's informative. Today's report is about the Barefoot College in India where they teach middle aged women in six months, how to solar-electrify their homes. That may not sound like much, but when you see the short video and then visit their website ( you will understand how HUGE this really is. Villages that were once dark are now lit up after dark.

At first it may be just a luxury for them. But soon... can you imagine? They too can be watching reality shows and ... no, of course I'm not thinking that. I'm thinking that very soon they, too, will enter the race.

Show this video to your students and ask them to write in their journals or blogs about what this means. Will they see it impacting THEM at any time in their lives? SHOULD they?

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