Monday, February 05, 2007

[TIPS] Opera fans should love this

I had sent this out before but I noticed that it never made my blog. Here it is :
I just sent a tip re: splashcast. After I sent it I was checking out some of the sample casts created by users of the system and I was fortunate enough to see the one by Ken Beare entitled On The Opera. If you enjoy opera, watch his entire splashcast. But, for a real treat, skip ahead to #13, and hear Mario Delmonico sing "Vesti la Giubba" from the Verdi opera. When he finished I wanted to leap to my feat and applaud - just as his audience HAD to have done. See and listen for yourself. Does it bring a tear to YOUR eye, too?
Then, listen to track 15 as Victoria de los Angeles sing the famous aria from Madame Butterfly - tu tu piccolo. Another moment that is sure to stay with you.

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Marshall Kirkpatrick said...

You know Jim, that Opera channel is one of my favorites too. You're the first blogger to mention it though! Thanksk for doing so. Did you know that with relative ease you could put that puppy right here in your own blog? In a single post or in the sidebar - just by clicking "subscribe to this channel" in the menu on the video player. Then whenever Ken publishes a new show - it will be delivered to you automatically. You can also put it in a page.

There's lots of educational potential in SplashCast too, we believe! Drop a line anytime if you'd like to compare notes on creative inspiration or troubleshooting.


Marshall Kirkpatrick
Director of Content