Tuesday, February 20, 2007

High Profile Report Calls for New NCLB

Holy mackerel! Check this out. A proposed change to the NCLB law would make this change from just, "Highly qualified" teachers, to "highly qualified and effective" teachers! And, I just read recently where Governor Rendell would like to put the jobs of Superintendents and Principals at risk if their schools don't meet the NCLB standards. The reporter asked the question, "Who is going to want to take on the tough jobs as education leaders in our poorest districts?" Indeed! Now add to that, "What TEACHER would want to take on the challenging job of teaching in our poorest districts?"


The NEA is opposing this change, and it has come under a lot of bipartisan heat. So, it's not a done deal. Still...

Thanks to John B for sharing this article via another listserv.

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