Wednesday, January 10, 2007

[TIPS] It's here! It's here! (Plus Online Safety Contest)

No, not the iPhone. (And WHY WHY WHY didn't I buy Apple stock the day before yesterday!!!) No, it's time once again for our quarterly newsletter from the tech department here at the CAIU. As usual, it's very nicely done by Mary Ann Hoff, and I'm not just saying that because of the article, either. :-) Check it out here:

- - Online Safety Contest - -
Thanks to Susan S for sharing this with me. Very timely, too. Attorney General Tom Corbett's website is another grat place to start when looking for information about online safety. But now he's announcing a contest, "Operation Safe Surf", a high school VIDEO contest. Students are to create a short video as a Public Service Announcement. There will be nine regional semi-finalists with the top three being chosen by online voting by the public. Great prizes, too. The winning video will be shown as a Public Service announcement on PA TV stations.
Having hosted regional computer fairs in the past I've seen some AMAZING videos done by our students. Put them on this and watch them shine! But don't delay. Deadline for entry is March 5, 2007.

Send this email to every PA teacher you know who teaches in this area. Here's the contest information:

Good luck!

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Kurt Paccio said...

I read the newsletter and it is very impressive. I took particular notice to a reference to your retirement.

Yeah, right! As if you could leave this rat race behind! What would you do with yourself?? Lounge around in a cabin in the woods?

Kidding of course. Nice newsletter.