Wednesday, January 03, 2007

[TIPS] Designing Worthwhile PBL Projects - and more

There are high school projects and there are high school projects. This three part article (the links to the other parts are on the right side) helps to demonstrate how to make a quality project worthy of 17 and 18 yr old students. Very well done, I thought.
 - - - Did you hear? - - -
Did you hear or read about Oprah's new school? This year, 300 girls (I believe that's what I heard) will enter this school as 7th and 8th graders. I heard some of them speak this morning on Morning Edition, and not one of them used the word 'like' even once! Imagine!  :-) These girls are from the poorest of the poor areas of South Africa and each and every one of them wants to change the world.
Why do I mention this? Three hundred more "hungry" kids  (remember that 5 part series?) have just entered the race, that's why. We MUST somehow make our students aware of the HUGE importance of this race and get them motivated. As I keep saying,$98yz (Thanks to Karl Fisch for first alerting me to this very cool mashup)

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