Monday, January 08, 2007

[TIPS] 22nd Century - cyborgs! And Geographic web in GE

Here are four stories that are sure to have you pondering the future of computers. Years ago (1974!!!) we were introduced to the Six Million Dollar Man who had bionic... everything, it seemed. Then the Bionic Woman and RoboCop. Then, in the 1990's we met the cyborg race of people. "You will be assimilated."
The above site is a series of four short videos about people with computers in their brain, or eyes, or ears... well, you'll see. Project this out 5 more years. Ten more. Fifty more! Sound like a writing prompt to you?
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And, check out this article in TechCrunch: If you're a Google Earth fan then this will interest you. It's a mashup with Google Earth, Wikipedia, and Panoramio. Looks very cool.
"As you zoom into a specific location, you can see place marks of points of interest, user-generated photos, and selected Wikipedia articles."
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For those of you who have actually visited my blog, I've changed to a new template. The new system in Blogger makes it VERY easy to add links and coding. I put everything back how it was, but the options exist to really customize it. Let me know what you think of the change.

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The new style looks good; I like it. Cheers!