Wednesday, December 13, 2006

[TIPS] some fun flickr toys

Once again my apologies for not referencing the site where I learned about this site, but it's a good one. That is, it's a good one if you've got a flickr account. THis site has a whole list of fun mashups that work with your flickr photos. Some will work with regular digital images that you upload, as well.
For example, check out this "magazine cover" that I made in less than a minute (as you can tell by my lack of creativity in the text portions) using a picture I had in flickr. Tell me that wouldn't be fun to make one of these with your Star Student's picture, or a group picture of your students. Or, using one of your images, make a motivational poster, or a collage, or a number of different types of images. A fun site, to be sure.
- - - bonus- - -
Oh, and as an FYI, did you know that Jimmy Wales is GIVING AWAY the wiki software along with FREE HOSTING? His vision is to help the world find an easy way to create content on the web. (Remember the race?) Read about it here:

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