Friday, December 08, 2006

[TIPS] The power of blogging

I have to share this. The other day I pointed you to a blog by Mrs Anne Smith's 9th grade AP English class at Arapahoe High School. Remember? About the same time that I did that I commented on her class blog post about what a great project idea I thought that was and how much I enjoyed hearing them.
Today I received two comments to my tips blog post from students in that class in which they thanked me for the mention and the kind words. (Had I known they would have seen this I would have said more about how impressed I was with the assignment and their reports.) In any case, revisit that post by clicking the above link and read the comments. Take special note to this line, "These papers really made me want to do well so that I could let people all around the country and possibly the world know what I believe and what I have learned in life so far."
I'm hearing a lot about schools wanting to install blog servers but they want to make them visible only inside their buildings or possibly on the larger Wide Area Network. Fear can be crippling. But I would argue that using a blog tool but limiting its visibility to the school may indeed be blogging, but only in the same sense that driving a NASCAR stockcar around the school's parking lot can be called racing. ;-)

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annes said...

Thanks for all the support for what we are doing here at AHS. My kids were excited to see your post about what they are doing. My fifth hour class also completed this assignment. Here is a link to their blog:
Also, to clarify these are freshmen honors students here at AHS
I have also given this assignment to my other ninth grade class. Their blog is