Monday, December 04, 2006

[TIPS] podcasting resources and more

A three-fer today.
1) Tim Wilson, in his Savvy Technologist blog, lists several good links for those interested in podcasting. Check it out here:
2) Some of you commented to me about that audio file From Sheryl Nussbaum-Beach on her experience growing up as a homeless child. Powerful listening, indeed. She also has a wiki here: where not only are all four podcasts listed for easier access, but it's a place where you can add resources for information on the homeless issue. Do check it out.
3) You know that I've commented (as have many others, of course) about "the race is on" in terms of the global race we're in. Remember I mentioned the $100 laptops and the free online courses? Well, check out this article:
Bill Gates (still no relation) is going to help provide Internet access in Eastern Europe and Botswana.
Do YOUR students know that they're in the race?

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