Thursday, December 07, 2006

[TIPS] mabryonline blog post to hear

Hear? A blog post? Yes. This particular blog post (September 5, 2006) includes three audio/video files, and I'm suggesting that you take time from your busy schedule today (or very soon) to listen to at LEAST the middle one. The first is his version of the now-infamous " Did You Know " slideshow by Karl Fisch (TheFischBowl). The second, however, is the one I want you to listen to. It's an audio of a parent night meeting.
Two things impressed me here. First, he's using all sorts of technology during this presentation, starting with the "clicker" response system to poll the parents during that meeting. Very effective way to hold their attention, as I'm sure you'll agree. Second, he recorded the session to be able to post the audio file here for those who couldn't make the meeting. Third, he mentions that his staff ALL blog! And I love how he says that they don't do that in order to make more work for themselves; they do it to make more work for the PARENTS. He then goes on to talk about some of the serious issues they are dealing with in the NCLB requirements, and... well... you'll hear for yourself. An excellent presentation, IMHO. (In My Humble Opinion) - It's currently the third post on the page
Ask yourself, "What might MY school be like if we had a system like this, and even our principal blogged to parents?" It's easily done. Call for information on how it can be done for YOU. (Does that sound like an ad? I didn't intend for it to be.)  :-)

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