Wednesday, December 20, 2006

[TIPS] games for the little ones and more audio books

These two sites come from a parent who says they're good games for
children. Why? They're monitored. Ask anything in the "room" that is
personal in nature and you're booted out. (Thanks to Dave for this tip)

- - - more audio books - - -
Remember the tip about the audio books? Well, the Dauphin County Library
System also has audio books available to download from their website.
Over 1700 titles, even. (Thanks to Carol for sharing this information)
Here's how:

To access the service, go to from
your home computer. Instructions direct you how to sign up for an
account. Select the public library you use most frequently, then enter
your library card number. After your registration is complete, click on
the eAudiobook icon for access to the full collection of titles, over
1700 with more added monthly.

Don't have a library card? Well chop chop. Now is the perfect time to
take your kids in there to get their own cards to become life-long


Jim Gates said...

Just heard from one parent whose son used the play the second game listed here. Used to - until his mother caught him in a very inappropriate conversation that apparently wasn't being monitored.

So... word to the wise.

Chris Champion said...

DCLS has the right idea... but the files require Windows Media Player 9 and cannot be downloaded to an iPod, only players that support Windows Media Player PlaysForSure "digital rights management".

So: No iPods, and no Mac users :(