Monday, December 18, 2006

[TIPS] The Fischbowl: This Is Not Education As Usual

This one couldn't wait another day.
You've read/heard me reference Karl Fisch's TheFischBowl before. He just posted another entry (above) that I think you should see. Here he links to a couple teacher blogs (teacher blogs!! - can you imagine?) and directs your attention to the comments left by the students. I.E. this sample from Brian G: "One huge change I saw in my learning this semester in my education was the ability to direct my own learning. " Or this one from Ty: "This class has been the hardest of any of my classes so far, but it is also the best one." Do yourself a professional favor and check them out.
There is great stuff going on in that school. Which student do YOU think is better prepared to successfully "face the race" we're in? Brian or one from your school?
And I would again like to remind you, as Thomas Friedman said, "China and India aren't racing us to the bottom." Remember, too, that in order for our students to compete, we MUST aggressively seek out professional development opportunities in order to even know what the race is all about.

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