Thursday, November 16, 2006

[TIPS] Richard Baraniuk speaks about Connexions

Another great (and short) video with Richard Baraniuk talking about Rice University's notion of providing "a free, global online education system" in an Open Source manner. Their site, Connexions (, is growing and gaining speed.
Think about this... Nicholas Negroponte is building the $100 laptop (, built with open source software and Internet access. It's being given to children in the poorest countries. (Remember those "hungry" kids?) Connexions is the Open Content counterpart to this. Free education with the content protected under the Creative Commons license ( and by contributing authors coming from around the world.
Do you see the big picture here? Does that put your job as a teacher into a global perspective in terms of its importance? The common themes here are open source and providing education. Let there be NO mistake here, folks... the race is ON!

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