Monday, November 06, 2006

[TIPS] Office Pro for $80?

How would you like to get Microsoft Office Pro (Windows or Mac) for just $79.98 plus shipping. It comes to about $95. Sound like a deal? Suggested retail price is $499.
Visit and choose k12 in the Select a Type dropdown. Next, choose your state. Not all states are participating, but PA is. Next click the PA K-12 link to find the products. Deep, deep discounts for education.
Of course, you could always get Star Office (from or Open Office (from for free, but for those who must have MS Office, this is a great deal.

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Chris Champion said...

One note: IU13 has the Microsoft contract for PA sales.... if you look at their website, copies of Office Pro 2003 are $51.60 plus $22.70 for the CD. That's cheaper for one copy and if you need a whole classroom full and only one CD....