Friday, November 10, 2006

[TIPS] Ed Burtynsky on TED Talks

If only blogs...
Imagine a class of seniors and/or juniors in a sociology or social studies class. Imagine showing them this video. Then maybe the trailer found here: (Check out the Works sections, too) Then imagine having them blog about their thoughts. Or even just using a discussion thread. I HAVE to believe that this kind of discussion would not only be an eye opening experience, but it would get them writing about real world issues that THEY will be inheriting.
I HAVE to believe that this assignment would/could be a life-changing experience for some students.
(I used this man's works in a previous tip a few years ago. Now, however, with some of us allowing blogs I think this has the potential to be a much more motivating and motivational assignment.)
--- btw...
I'm not related to Bill OR Robert. :-)

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Tim Lauer said...

Hi Jim,
Thanks for the pointer to the Burtynsky talk at TED. I'm listening to it now. Amazing stuff. I'm looking forward to seeing the sustainability project for kids come online.