Thursday, October 05, 2006

[TIPS] - xyAlgebra and a writing resource

The student programs (xyAlgebra and xySolver) feature:

  • Explanations of principles of basic algebra (320 instructional items).
  • Step-by-step sample problems that the student can consult later.
  • Practice problems randomly generated until student shows mastery.
  • All solutions are entered step-by-step.
  • All legitimate solution methods supported.
  • Any incorrect step is flagged as soon as it is typed.
  • A hint or suggested next step can always be requested.
  • Intelligent help at every step, including instant prerequisite review.
  • Solution strategy changes intelligently in response to the student's steps.
  • 700 practice problem forms generating 100,000+ distinct problems.
- - - bonus - - - - Looks like some very nice writing resources. The Online Writing Center from Whatcom Community College

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