Tuesday, October 03, 2006

[TIPS] - Tabblo and a very cool puppet

Got digital pictures? Upload them to this site, arrange them as easily as dragging and dropping and resizing. Then add your text. Share them - or not. Then print them into posters, magazine, or 4x6 prints. If you're taking pictures of your students this year, keep this one handy. Wouldn't it be fun to turn it into a poster some time in May with little narrations about the things your group has done?
- - - Bonus - - -
This little movie haunts me. It was filmed in New Orleans, I believe. Nothing unusual about a puppet, right? Well, not unless it's 40 feet tall. The music here is maybe what haunts me the most. If anyone knows where it comes from I'd appreciate hearing from you.
Click the Photography link at the top, then the link for the Sultans' Elephant movie. If it's too slow loading for you, let it load in a separate window while you work on other things. You'll have to click the large play button in the middle of the image when it comes up. Enjoy.

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