Friday, October 06, 2006

[TIPS] - Google Gadgets For Your Webpage - and the mailing
Do you have a web page of your own for your classes? How would you like some really cool gadgets to put on your page? From games to weather or horoscopes to calculators to quotes and even crossword puzzles or Sudokus are all here - for free. I even added a Sudoku puzzle to my Moodle class. Check it out.
- - - Mailing List - It's here! - - -
The mailing list from Listserv is finally working the way I want it, and it's now officially open to subscribers. Beginning in about two weeks I'll no longer be sending the tips to you UNLESS you have subscribed to the official mailing list. Send the subscription information to anyone you think may want to subscribe.
Please note that during the period from when you subscribe until I end the current list you will be receiving two messages, but the one will stop without you doing anything.
Instructions will follow. (The instructions will NOT be posted to the blog, however) There will be a link to click that will open an email and put some things in the body of the email. All you will have to do is add your name to the end of that line and click Send. You'll then receive an verification email with a link. Click that link and you're in!

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