Wednesday, October 25, 2006

[TIPS] 180 Tech Tips - and the K12Online Conference

That link is to a page that was created by one of PA's Keystones teachers. A tip a day, all archived and easily accessible. Check it out. He did an excellent job, and the tips are easy to follow.
- - update - -
I hope you had a chance to view the presentation yesterday on using a wiki with first graders. Catch her excitement and enthusiasm. Don't forget, is still giving away free wikis to educators. You should grab one now before too many other teachers catch on to this wiki idea and the free wikis are gone.
What's on today's agenda? "RSS - A Four Part Series" (by some guys you might know), "Publish Your Podcast in Less Than 5 Minutes using Taking It Global.", "Two Way Teaching: An Overview of the Read/Write Web in Education", and "Second Nature - Extending Dialogue in the Blogosphere."
Remember, all these sessions are archived and be accessed long after this conference is over.
Oh... a word to the wise... the file sizes on those movies on RSS are large so be patient as they download. And don't even bother if you're on dialup. I think they may get modified for dialup users sometime soon, though. Don't you think, Kurt? ;-)

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