Monday, September 18, 2006

[TIPS] - Wanna work a wiki ?

I've set up a wiki page at the wikispaces site that I mentioned last time. I know that many of you just aren't brave enough yet to create one of your own, so here's a chance to work with one.
So far this is open to the public, but if the spammers find it I will have to force users to enroll and then log in to edit.
This will be easy and (hopefully) fun. It'll be basic - unless one of you brave souls wants to try to add an image somewhere, that is. Here's how it works. This is a place to go to share links to your favorite sites. On the front page and in the side navigation area I've got links for Math, Science, etc, etc. Click on the one for your subject area. When you get to your page, click the Edit This Page button just above the text area. Now you can edit that page.
If I've missed it and you don't want to be filed under Misc then please add it. Just type the word and then put double brackets around it, like this: [[Homework Help]]  That will automatically be turned into a link when you save the page.
To link to a site, type the name of the sight, say, "Math Forum" (without the quotes), and then click the Hyperlink icon in the editor toolbar. It's the globe on the left. A dialog box appears. Click the radio button next to External Link, and then paste in your link in that field. Oh, remove the http:// part as it's already  selected for you in that dropdown box. This sounds harder than it is, as it's often more difficult to talk about something than it is to do it, right? You can see my help page here:
The goal here is to give you a non-threatening place to learn to work a wiki. If we get some good links out it all the better. They may turn into Tips one day. :-)
OK. Click the link above and give it a try. The first ten people to make an entry WIN!

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T. Plank said...

Added a couple technology links Jim. Not an educator in the school sense but work in the consulting engineering field. Enjoy your site. Keep up the good work.