Wednesday, September 13, 2006

[TIPS] - Top 50 Coolest sties and Day 3

Time's 50 coolest websites: How many do YOU use?
- - - -  Nothing Important Happened Today - Day 3 - - -
Let's see, so far. they've got more (hungry) honor students than we've got (fat and happy) students. The number of new computers each year world wide will triple - and will be going to the (hungry) children in underdeveloped countries. (And, the top 10 in-demand jobs in 2010 didn't exist in 2004. Fine.
Here's a sobering quiz question that I saw presented by the former Gov of Maine (originator of their one-to-one laptop program) and also in Karl's presentation. If you didn't download and watch his powerpoint yet, this will be fun. Ready?
Name this country:
It's the richest in the world.
It's got the largest military
It's the center of world business.
It's got the strongest education system.
It's the world center for innovation and invention. (Got a clue, yet?)
It's currency is the world's standard of value. (You're on to it, now, eh?)
And, it's got the highest standard of living. (BINGO!)
Think you know it? Yep, the correct answer is. ENGLAND. In 1900.
What happened? For that matter, what happened to the great Roman Empire, or the Persian Empire, or the Mongoleans or the Aztecs? Well, nothing lasts forever, right? But, that won't happen to us, though. We're. well. fat and happy - and we're teaching them how to make powerpoints! Relax.
Why do the great heavyweight boxers or the top ranked football teams lose to opponents with much less skill? Could it be because those opponents are hungrier? Were the stronger players just too complacent? As Thomas Friedman said regarding this race we're in, they're not racing us to the bottom.
Gotta go for today. That's enough to think about. But, my blog entry. sorry ... my journal entry for today reads, "Well, MAYBE something important is happening today."
Oh, here's the link to Karl's slideshow. It's his blog, so you may not be able to find this excellent resource from school. When you do, download both the sound file and the powerpoint and then run the powerpoint to get the full effect. The first few slides focus on his district.

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