Thursday, September 21, 2006

[TIPS] - Net Family News - kid-tech news for parents

This links to where you can choose to subscribe to a newsletter chuck full of articles dealing with Internet safety. Parents, get this one so you know where the dangers are. It's nothing to be cavalier about, for sure.
Teachers with Moodle classes - you can subscribe to the RSS feed for this newsletter using this link: Just paste it into the Manage My Feeds section in your Moodle class to have those news items brought right into your class.
Oh, teachers... ever heard of ? Can you get to it at school? Check it out. Maybe you'll want to get this one blocked. Here's what the site says about itself:
- - - snip - -
 Studicious is a service created for students, by students.

Our goal is to break down as many barriers as possible towards what should be the objective of all educational institutions: the free flow of information.

Sharing notes is not cheating. Everyone should have every advantage possible in increasing individual knowledge.

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