Tuesday, September 19, 2006

[TIPS] - Net Family News and Moodle story

This may be a newsletter that you'll want to subscribe to. What is Net Family News? "A nonprofit public service providing a forum and "kid-tech news" for parents and educators in more than 50 countries. The forum is 24/7; news is weekly via email and podcast and daily via blog and RSS feed. " Check it out. If you've got kids at home then this is something you're going to WANT to have.
Here is the RSS feed: http://netfamilynews.org/newsletter.xml I've added it to the front page of Moodle, too.
Oh, and speaking of Moodle, check out this story that was posted in the Moodle forums:
- - -
This is our first year of committed Moodle usage at a high school in Texas. With over 100 faculty and staff and about 1000 students we are averaging over a quarter of a million hits per day. All of the teachers have a Moodle presence.

Last night as I walked out to our home football game, with a custom-made shirt with MOODLE written across it a chant grew in the stands. The chant was "MOO-DLE, MOO-DLE". The student's cross their middle figures to make an "M" during the chant. I am waiting for the next chant to develop "We've got Moodle yes we do, we've got Moodle how 'bout you?". It is exciting to see so many Moodle fans!

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