Monday, September 25, 2006

[TIPS] - Colleges warning about social networking sites

I'm a big advocate of the use of blogs in education, if you haven't guessed. I think the blog tool can be used for GREAT things in the classrooms. Sadly, however, sites like My Space and Xanga, and Live Journal have given blogs a major black eye. But that's like saying that car accidents are giving automobiles a black eye. The tool is still a good one, but people use it poorly.
Take this article, for example: . Colleges are warning their incoming freshmen about the public nature of blogs. People have been fired for what they say in their blogs. Others have been denied jobs, or, as you'll read, entire sports programs have been suspended due to blog postings.
Let's EDUCATE the kids about blogs. How many of your students do you think would cringe if they thought that their parents were reading their My Space blogs? For that matter, do you know how to find out if YOUR child has a My Space blog? Check this article:
It's nothing to be cavalier about, for sure. It's serious business.
But, the blog tool is STILL a good tool. The ax is a great tool, too - in SPITE of Lizzie Borden. :-)
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