Thursday, August 31, 2006

[TIPS] - wikis and moodles in classrooms plus Google Earth visual guides

I can't help it! There's SO MUCH to tell you about. :-)
This first one is a link to a couple of audio recordings that you may find interesting. They're on the EdTech LIVE's wikispaces site and they are recordings of SKYPE ( conversations about using wikis and Moodle in the classroom. Actually, I'm not real impressed with the discussion on Moodle, but I did like the one on wikis, even though the audio is poor in a couple of spots. The teacher being interviewed uses wikispaces for her class wiki found here: Remember, the CAIU offers wikis to districts, too, so if you're interested, tell your tech director.
Finally, Google Earth has a new version out, version 4. Very nice. Last year I sent you a link to some Visual Guides for version 3. Here is a link to the Visual Guides for version 4:
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