Wednesday, August 30, 2006

[TIPS] - Jimmy Wales and StandUp

This is another two-parter.

First, regarding wikipedia of yesterday's tip. This link: is a video of Jimmy Wales, Founder of Wikipedia, at the TED Conference in 2006. (Would anyone care to sponsor me to go to the next one? It's only $4400. Let me know. :-) ) This short movie is EXCELLENT in telling you how Wikipedia works, straight from the horse's mouth, so to speak. No matter what your opinion of Wikipedia, you should give this a listen. DOWNLOAD it, rather than stream it. With over 1000 people getting these tips (and dozens actually READING them :-) ), streaming this video could bring the network to a halt in no time. Thank you!
Second, I don't think many would argue that America is in the midst of a crisis in education, and there is no shortage of reasons nor opinions why that is. This site, however, will give you some insight into the problem. Be sure to click the "I Want to Know More" link at the top and explore that area for a bit.
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STAND UP is a community-based response to America's education crisis.

We will STAND UP for great high schools that educate all students well.

We will STAND UP for America's future.

STAND UP is a national campaign to:

  • Give parents the tools they need to get their kids the education they deserve.
  • Mobilize all Americans to engage in the solution and demand policies that help all students succeed.
  • Ensure students receive the support they need to graduate from high school ready for college, work, and citizenship.

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