Thursday, July 13, 2006

Web 2.0 workshop

Just a reminder that on August 8th I'll be doing a workshop on Web 2.0 tools for teachers and what they mean for the classroom. I'd like to invite you to attend. It will change the way you view the web FOREVER!
Things to consider:
1. Students entering school this year will retire in 2066. What skills do you think they'll need for the world in which they'll live? More PowerPoints?
2. The Governor wants to put a laptop on the desk of each high school student in the four major subject areas. If you teach one of those classes what will you have YOUR students doing with those computers? Still more powerpoints? (In that case, save the money.)
3. The web has transformed itself into a publishing platform where anyone can be a published author. Will YOUR students be among them?
4. Tagging is the technology that made ebay and Amazon into what they are today. Do you know what that means and how it impacts teaching and learning?
6. "The long tail" refers to a business model of today that made Google what it is. Do you know what that means and why it's important for you to know it?
The online world has changed. When left to their own devices students gather information, process it, share it, and collaborate on it using the tools at hand. You REALLY need to see what's going on online or risk becomming irrelevant in the education of tomorrow's students.