Wednesday, June 07, 2006

[TIPS] - Web2.0Slides | Web2.0 Slideshow (Last tip!)

The final tip for this year... wow, how the time has flown. I've been doing these tips for... oh my... almost 10 years, going back to the CAMELOT days. It's a good thing things are changing as fast as they are or I would have told you everything I know LONG ago. :-)
This year I've shown you a lot of what some are (still) calling the Web 2.0 sites. What is a web 2.0 site? It's one where you can work, or collaborate, or save, gather, share - PUBLISH. This little slideshow may give you a hint:
Now for your homework. Between now and the start of the school year, go to ( and set up an account. The last step in the process (once you've responded to your email to verify the account) has you selecting a couple feeds. Just pick Dilbert, if nothing else.
Now then... when you come back from the summer vacation I'll be talking more about RSS feeds. Those are news articles, blogs, etc that you can subscribe to - even my tips. And, you can share as many or as few of those feeds with your students as you wish. If you've got a Moodle class you'll know how to use the feeds in there, as well. I guarantee it will change the way you gather your news, weather, sports, etc forever.
Oh - and don't forget to GO OUTSIDE and PLAY!!!!  :-)
Have a wonderful summer. I'll send only time- sensitive tips throughout the summer - or those that are just too cool to wait. :-)

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