Friday, May 05, 2006

[TIPS] - videoegg - and a bonus

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What's the VideoEgg Publisher?
The VideoEgg publisher is a small website plug-in that makes it simple for end-users to capture, edit, encode, and post digital video online. A "universal adapter" that captures directly from hundreds of devices and reads dozens of formats, the VideoEgg Publisher allows users to painlessly publish videos that anyone can watch without worrying about player compatibilities, encoding settings, or extra software.
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Now, I'm going to guess that this will be blocked in the schools, so this is more of a "look what's happening on the 'net" sorta thing. With an eyeball camera you can capture some video, upload it to this site, edit it, and with a click of a button upload it directly to your blog site - or ebay.
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Thanks to Jane H for sharing this one.
and I quote...
Here's a great link for all your walkers and runners. Neat tool for approximating distances. You can save your maps too!

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