Wednesday, May 03, 2006

[TIPS] - Map Builder::Rapid mashup development tool for Google and Yahoo maps!

- - - snip - - - is an Web2.0 service or rapid mashup development tool to build custom Google and Yahoo maps without any knowledge of the Google/Yahoo Maps API and JavaScript. MapBuilder provides a decent visual interface for the map building process with geocoding and import features. Also MapBuilder lets users tag locations on their maps, and then publish the map either on or their own website.

As a short summary I would like to say that Map Builder is:
- a great tool for webmasters, webdevelopers, people who likes mapping at all.
- an excellent resource to get started with Google or Yahoo maps.
- a good resource to build communities around your maps or just start collaborated map development.

- - -

And here's a cute site:

It's an etch-a-sketch that anyone can join in on. Most of the time it's chaos, but every once in a while it seems that most of the people are actually working on the same idea. It would be neater if you could see the country where that user is from, but it's still an interesting diversion.

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